Thursday, May 24, 2012

100 Chuck Kinder


Hometown: St. Albans, WV
Career: 1963-1966
Record: 20-19-2, Bowl Record: 0-1
What better way to start off the 100 day countdown to WVU’s inaugural Big 12 season, than with the only player in college football history to don the #100? As a freshman kicker for the 1963 Mountaineer squad, Kinder decided to honor the state of West Virginia’s centennial by wearing #100. Kinder wore #100 until his senior season, when Coach Carlen asked him to revert to the more conventional #10. The NCAA has since ruled that players be limited to two digit jersey numbers, making Chuck Kinder a truly unique player in college football history.
Memorable Game: Kinder set his career high for points in a game by racking up 10 points against the Tribe of William & Mary on September 25, 1965. Kinder’s spot-on kicking helped propel the Mountaineers to a 34-14 victory in Williamsburg, VA (coincidentally my current Hometown). The victory moved WVU’s record to 2-0 on the season, both wins over Southern Conference opponents. WVU would go on to a 4-0 mark against Southern Conference opponents in 1965, earning the Mountaineers their seventh Southern Conference championship.
Competition (for this spot in the countdown): None. No one before or since has worn such a unique number for any team in college football.
Teaser: The point of this portion of each day’s entry will be to provide some minor (sometimes rather insignificant) clue as to the identity of the next day’s selection. Each clue will be accompanied by a (un)related youtube video referencing (sometimes obscure) movie and song clips. If you can’t decipher the clue, not to worry, the answer is only a day away. As with any aspect of the blog, feel free to ridicule the teasers in the comments.
 Tomorrow is the start of the 90’s. As you might expect, the 90’s portion of the countdown will be dedicated to the defensive side of the ball. My selection at #99 is a defensive stand-out from the early 90’s. Can you guess who it is? To help you brainstorm, you might take a listen to early 90’s sensation Sophie B. Hawkins.


  1. I love it!!" 100 days too many., that's what I say.

  2. Ken, great idea can't wait to read it everyday.