Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Starting May 24, this blog will begin the 100 day countdown to WVU's inaugural Big XII season. Each day will feature a notable Mountaineer player by jersey number. For example: 92 days to kickoff, we will feature a notable player that wore 92. Player selections will be made based on a combination of factors such as statistics and noteriety. Sometimes, the selection is simply based on potential (for current players) or, in rare instances, the selection may be made purely on personal bias or picture availability. If you don't agree with the selection, feel free to state your case in the comments section for that day.

If you are a die hard WVU fan, you will enjoy this countdown to the September 1 Friends of Coal Bowl. If you are not a WVU fan, this blog will drive you nuts. Either way, I invite any all readers. You keep reading, I'll keep posting.

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  1. Love it! Thank you for setting something like this up; we can all keep each other updated to the goings on via this site!!!