Thursday, June 28, 2012

65 Jeremy Sheffey

Hometown: Catlettsburg, KY
Career: 2003-2006
Record: 38-12, Bowl Record: 2-2 including a BCS win
Jeremy Sheffey was a mobile lineman for Coach Rich Rodriguez’s Mountaineer squads. He originally signed on as a recruit in the 2002 season but would end up redshirting. He would serve primarily as a back-up to Jeff Berk at guard during the 2003 and 2004 seasons. He would earn the starting job at left guard. His tremendous ability to make blocks at the second level would really help runners Steve Slaton and Owen Schmitt blossom into Mountaineer legends. Make no mistake about it, without a player like Sheffey up front, then Pat White, Steve Slaton, and Owen Schmitt would not have been the dominating players that they became. Sheffey’s skills twice earned him All-Big East honors and a mention on the Outland Trophy watchlist.
I would also be remiss if I did not share my Sheffey story. During the 2005 season, I was living at Sterling Ridge Apartments. My roommates and I came home one Saturday night after going to the movies to find our apartment door open. As we walked in, I saw three hulking white guys and my instant reaction was “we’re being robbed and now they’re going to kill me.” Then I was calmed once I realized that they were not criminals, but drunks (imagine that, a drunk in Morgantown). It turned out that Sheffey and two other Mountaineer players were partying at one of my neighbor’s apartments when they decided to come to my apartment. Sheffey knew the guys who had lived there the year before and wanted to catch up with them. We had left the apartment unlocked, so the guys let themselves in, assuming that their friends would soon return. When the players realized their mistake, they profusely apologized. We ended up partying with the guys and had a good time. I’m sure Sheffey does not remember this night, but it was one of the most unique nights I had during my time in Morgantown.
Memorable Game: A day that I’m sure Jeremy Sheffey remembers is his outstanding performance against the Louisville Cardinals in 2005. This game would prove to be one of the biggest games in modern Mountaineer football history. While the Mountaineers had won a share of the previous two Big East Championships, the analysts we all predicting that newcomer Louisville would win the Big East. WVU was looking to prove the national media wrong, but would come out flat in the game. Midway through the third quarter, WVU trailed the Cardinals 24-7. The Mountaineer offense would find their rhythm and Steve Slaton would find the endzone, time and time again. The Mountaineers would trade scores with the Cardinals through two overtimes. The Mountaineers scored a touchdown and a two point conversion to start the 3rd overtime and Louisville would respond with a touchdown. The Mountaineer defense finally stepped up, forcing Brian Brohm to scramble, coming up short of the goal line. WVU beat Louisville in a wild 46-44 win in triple overtime.

Competition: Sheffey was a driving force of the great Mountaineer offenses of the mid-2000s. It also doesn’t hurt when you party with the blogger. I guess I could have considered players like Joe Jelich and Bill Lopasky, but I could not resist the chance to tell my personal story.

Teaser: The selection at #64, a Cranberry, PA native, was a solid performer in recent years for the Mountaineers. I would argue that his ability to lead block in run heavy offensive schemes as well as block well in a pass heavy schemes will earn him a special place in WVU fans memories. I know personally that the memory of his athletic ability lingers with me.

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