Saturday, June 2, 2012

91 West Turner

Hometown: Vanderbilt, PA
Career: 1983-1985
Record: 24-10-1, Bowl Record: 2-0
West Turner came to West Virginia University, following in the foot-steps of his All-American step-brother Jim Braxton. Turner made an immediate impact for the Mountaineers during his freshman season. In the game against Boston College in 1983, Turner made a huge hit on the opening kickoff return, knocking out the BC returner and setting up a Mountaineer touchdown. West Turner would go on to rack up 85 tackles, a sack, fumble recovery, and a blocked kick.
Memorable Game: While Turner’s 1985 campaign may not have been memorable, he did have a solid performance during the early season match-up against Duke. Following a season opening blow-out of Louisville, the Mountaineers were looking to build on the momentum and take down the Blue Devils. Turner and the Mountaineer defense kept WVU in the close game. Turner contributed 4 tackles and his lone career sack in WVU’s narrow 20-18 win.
Competition: There were many possible choices for the spot at #91. My initial selection was Bernard Russ, a spectacular LB during the 1990s. Unfortunately, like the selection process at #94, the pick came down to photo availability (I promise this will not be a trend). Other notables to wear #91 include Norm Patterson, Todd Campbell, and John Spraggins.
Teaser: Tomorrow’s selection is a no-brainer. This player was a consensus All-American during his senior campaign. He is the first player on the countdown to be a member of the WVU Sports Hall of Fame and is also a member of the College Football Hall of Fame. He is one of the greatest at what he did, much unlike actor Steve Talley, star of American Pie Presents: Beta House.

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